2017 Obstacle Course Day Camps

*Open to all fitness levels ages 6-13* 

Train OC Summer Camps go “back to basics” by focusing on movement fundamentals- running, jumping, climbing, rolling, and balancing- experienced through the thrill and excitement of one of today’s fastest growing sports- obstacle course!

Campers will receive expert instruction and learn proper technique for authentic military-style obstacles. They’ll scale the walls, master the cargo net, conquer the rope tower and cultivate leadership and teamwork through a series of fun yet challenging movement mastery games.


Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, our summer camps provide a unique outdoor fitness experience your child will never forget!

Why Train OC?  


A life long love of fitness starts HERE 

It’s no secret that kids today don’t move nearly as much as they used to.

With advances and technology and the decline of school sponsored physical education programs, children spend more hours than ever sitting in desks or on the couch staring at tiny glowing screens.

Fewer and fewer children experience fitness as their parents and grandparents did- as outdoor play.Remember climbing trees, jumping from log to log and scampering up hills playing “King of the Mountain”? The imaginative games of childhood did more than help to pass the time with friends on a long summer day.  They also helped to inspire a lifelong love of moving and assisted in well-rounded motor learning (the development of the neuromuscular system).

 We make fitness FUN! 

Of course safety is our #1 priority, but FUN is a very close second! If your kids like American Ninja Warrior, they’ll LOVE Train OC’s Summer Camp programs.


What’s Included: 

  • Full day of obstacle course instruction from our expert staff

  • A variety of fitness skill challenges and movement mastery games

  • Dog Tag medal at the end day of camp

Dates, times and locations:

Camps run from 9am-2pm  (note: early drop off/ late pick up available. See registration page for details).


– June 28th Fort Collins at Zach Elementary School [CLOSED]

– June 29th Fort Collins at Zach Elementary School [CLOSED]

July 14th Lone Tree at Fairway Park

July 21st Centennial at Homestead Park

August 4th Lone Tree at Fairway Park [ 15 Spots Remaining]