Train OC Recess Days

It’s a fun fitness based fundraising opportunity.


TRAINOCKIDS6blog1Is your school looking for a fun and exciting way to engage students and promote exercise and physical fitness?  What if you could promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money for your school?

Train OC has developed the Recess Day Program to do just that!

We work closely with teachers, administrators and physical education professionals to develop an onsite program that fits your school’s needs.

Students will have the opportunity to experience the Train OC course throughout the day during their designated recess periods. Setup may occur over the course of one single day, or multiple days depending on the needs of the school.

Recess Days are great as a stand-alone event, or may be used to get students excited about an upcoming Train OC Sponsored School Fundraiser.

Contact us to speak with a Train OC program specialist to design and book your Recess Day